Mowing: We provide weekly lawn services which include general mowing, trimming, and edging of sidewalks/ Blue Ridge
Upon completion of each service, we blow off your sidewalks and driveway to give your home the complete look of a professionally maintained lawn. We do our best to stay on the same scheduled mowing day each week to provide consistency to you as a customer. If rain occurs on your scheduled mowing day, we will skip the lawn that day and complete the service the next dry day. Lawns are mowed at 3"- 3.5" to insure a healthier lawn.

Fertilization: A good fertilization program is one of the keys to a healthy green lawn. We will set up a customized program for your lawn to get the results you want. One benefit of having our company perform the maintenance on your lawn is that we are there every week to assess the needs of your lawn and we can coordinate your fertilization applications with your lawn service.

Aeration & Over-seeding: This is a very important step to establishing a beautiful lawn. Although many companies will provide this service in the spring and fall, it really is only critical to complete this once a year in September. By performing this service in the spring, the seed hardly has a chance of surviving the heat of the summer. Your best results come in the fall (ask about spreading compost over your lawn at the time of aeration & over-seeding for greater results)

aeration irrigationIrrigation Installation & Service: The greatest success to any lawn or plant growth is the ability to water on demand. A properly installed or renovated system can give you that peace of mind that your system is working effectively and efficiently. We pride ourselves in the quality of our new systems and our ability to renovate existing systems back to peak performance. We have yearly maintenance contracts to keep your system running properly all season.

Leaf Removal: A straight forward service that is essential for keeping a lawn alive. By leaving leaves on the lawn, it creates small bare spots throughout the lawn where wet leaves eventually kill the grass beneath them. We have the ability to remove leaves from your property in a fast and effective way.

bushes flowers Blue Ridge plantingPlantings (flowers/shrubs/trees): Nothing spruces up a home more than fine landscaping with beautiful flowers through the property. Let us know your ideas/dreams for your home and we will work with you to make them happen.

Patio & Retaining Walls: These are features of landscaping that add character to a home. We will sit down and customize a game plan for your hardscapes to be installed. Explaining the details of how your project will be constructed from start to finish. Our goal is to make sure we design your hardscaping with your landscaping to fit your wants and needs.

Tree Service: Got a tree that needs removed or dead branches cut? Let us help you remove them in a safe manner. Many accidents happen with tree service and we do not want that to happen to our customers. We have the necessary tools and equipment in order to perform these difficult tasks in a safe way with small or large trees.

Clean-up: Many times a section of your home gets left alone and not maintained for a while and just needs some hard clean-up work done. Weeds, briars, underbrush, trash, etc. We will come in and take care of the mess for you and haul off any unwanted items in that area. Does not matter how difficult the job may be, we will gladly accept the challenge.

Snow Removal: Truck plows, bobcats, blowers, or ice melt. We do our best to put the snow where it is out of the way and make the location as safe as we can. This always depends on the amount of snow fall.

Park Gate ConstructionConstruction Services: Our sister company, Park Gate Construction, handles many of your construction needs. From roofing, metal roofing, roof repairs, siding, gutters, kitchens, bathrooms, finish basements, handyman services, painting, decks and much more.
Please call Park Gate Construction at (703) 594-3425 for all your construction needs (class A licensed contractor)

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